Atlantis Wall
Atlantis Wall CS 6 HQ
JP name Unknown
Dub name None
Type Block
Element Earth
Characteristic Shoot Block
Users 1
Evolution Normal -> G2 -> G3 -> G4 -> GX
TP Consumtion
Chrono Stone Unknown
GO Strikers 2013 None
Game Inazuma Eleven GO Chrono Stone
Anime Episode 006

Atlantis Wall (アトランティスウォール, Atoranteisu Wooru) is a block hissatsu used by Amagi Daichi.






Amagi used it in Episode 6 along with Kirino, who used Deep Mist, but they weren't fast enough so they failed to stop Beta.

It appeared again in Episode 42 in the match of El Dorado Team 2 and Giru. First, it was broken by Dead Future. Later, Amagi, who evolved the Hissatsu into Atlantis Wall G2, used it to stop a shoot and it was successful.


  • This hissatsu is based on the city called "Atlantis" the myth of a city that sunk to the ocean bottom.

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