Buttobi Jump
Buttobi Jump CS 10 HQ 13
JP name ぶっとびジャンプ
Dub name Jumping Jack
Type Shoot
Element Earth
Characteristic Shoot Block
Users 1
Evolution Normal → V2 → V3 → V4 → A
TP Consumtion
Chrono Stone Unknown
GO Strikers 2013 None
Game Inazuma Eleven GO Chrono Stone
Anime Episode 004

Buttobi Jump (ぶっとびジャンプ Battobi Jaanpu) is a shoot hissatsu used by Nishizono Shinsuke.






The Hissatsu was first used in Episode 4 in the match of Raimon and Protocol Omega by Shinsuke. Shinsuke used it to stop Alpha's Keshin Armed shoot but failed.

It was used again in Episode 10 in the match of Raimon and Protocol Omega 2.0 by the same user. This time, it was used to stop Beta's shoot but failed too.


The user stands and then, jumps up and lands on the ground and jumps again but this time, flying high into the sky. The user appears for the ball and makes some moves and then, kicks the ball, which is covered by yellow, and shoots it towards the goal.


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