Dhanna CS 18 HQ
JP name ダーナ
Dub name None
Gender Female
Position Midfielder
Number 8
Element Wood
Team Protocol Omega 3.0
El Dorado Team 01
Seiyuu Unknown
Game Inazuma Eleven GO Chrono Stone
Anime Episode 018

Dhanna (ダーナ) is a midfielder of Protocol Omega 3.0 and El Dorado Team 01.


Dhanna has smooth, mostly straight black hair and yellow-golden eyes. She has a pale skin tone and wears the standard Protocol Omega uniform.


France EraEdit

Dhanna TCG

Dhanna Mixi Max in the TCG.

She first appears in Episode 18, where she becomes a new member for Protocol Omega 3.0, replacing Neira. She was later beaten, along with her teammates, by Zanark Abalonic, a S-Rank criminal who had escape from the Eternal Prision. She was later Mix Maxed with his energy, being in the process, put under his command.

In Episode 21, after receiving a pass from Orca, she was quickly surrounded by Kirino and Shindou. However, as Kirino was still jealous about Shindou's new powers, she easily dribbled passed him and made a pass to Bahamusu, but it was intercepted by Kinako. Later, Dhanna uses her hissatsu, Defense Command 03, to steal the ball from Kirino and it succeded.

Ragnarok TournamentEdit

In Episode 39 , she reappeared along with some of the other Protocol Omega players. She became a member of El Dorado Team 01. She used Shoot Command 06 but, it failed against Shin God Hand X.
Dhanna CS 40

Dhanna in El Dorado Team 01

In Episode 40, she told Tsurugi that she was not going to listen to him just because he was captain and ignored his order to pass to Ward.


To recruit Dhanna, you first need to complete te story mode. Also, you'll need to have:

  • Topic: Beautiful Night Sky
  • Player: Galling
  • Player: Aisha

After this, she can be recruited for 6000 Kizuna Points.



At Lvl. 99

  • GP: 139
  • TP: 153
  • Kick: 114
  • Dribbling: 180
  • Block: 90
  • Catch: 100
  • Technique: 113
  • Speed: 116
  • Stamina: 131
  • Lucky: 104




Mixi MaxEdit

Best Match Mixi MaxEdit

Game Exclusive TeamsEdit

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