Hyper Dive Mode of Fear!
CS 38 Preview HQ
Episode Data
Episode # 038
Japan 2013/1/23
Previous Episode 037
Next Episode 039

Hyper Dive Mode of Fear! (恐怖のハイパーダイブモード!) is the 38th episode of the Inazuma Eleven GO Chrono Stone series.


Entaku no Kishi continued their match against Perfect Cascade. Entaku no Kishi suffered a severe blow when Perfect Cascade scored 2 early goals in the first half. If things weren't bad enough all the Perfect Cascade players used their Keshin Armed and scored another goal in the second half. The odds were evened when Nanobana Kinako and Matsukaze Tenma achieved their Mixi Max. Entaku no Kishi made a 4-3 comeback to win the match. But in the end Raimon was teleported into the Route Craft. What awaits the Raimon players next?

Hissatsu UsedEdit

Mixi Max/Keshin Armed UsedEdit

Mixi MaxEdit

Keshin ArmedEdit

Major EventsEdit

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