Jinkou Keshin Plasma Shadow OF
Jinkou Keshin Plasma Shadow CS 33 HQ 7
Keshin Data
JP name 人工化身プラズマシャドウ OF
Dub name None
Element Fire
Type Dribble
Keshin Debut
Game Inazuma Eleven GO Chrono Stone
Anime Episode 033

Jinkou Keshin Plasma Shadow OF(人工化身プラズマシャドウOF lit. Man Made Keshin Plasma Shadow) is a Keshin used by Rei Rukh.





It first appeared in Episode 33 used by Rei. Rei used it to steal the ball from Tenma and broke through Kirino in his Mixi Max form and through Hayami.

It was used again in Episode 38 in the match of Entaku no Kishi and Perfect Cascade. It was used by Rei Rukh in his hyper dive mode and also Armed with it.



  • As its name suggested, this keshin isn't a real one, but it is created by El Dorado.
  • When summoning this keshin, Rei Rukh only said Plasma Shadow, and not its whole name.

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