Medam CS39 HQ
JP name メダム
Dub name None
Gender ♂ Male
Position Defender
Number 2
Element Earth
Team Protocol Omega
Protocol Omega 2.0
Protocol Omega 3.0
El Dorado Team 03
Seiyuu Jun Konno
Game Inazuma Eleven GO Chrono Stone
Anime Episode 001

Medam (メダム) is a defender for Protocol Omega and later for Protocol Omega 2.0 and Protocol Omega 3.0.


Medam has short white hair which has long red part. He has purplish eyes and wears the Protocol Omega soccer uniform.


The BeginningEdit

He first appeared along with the rest of Protocol Omega in Episode 1. Later he was chosen to be a member of Protocol Omega 2.0.

Sengoku EraEdit

In Episode 16, he used Defense Command 06 to get the ball from Tsurugi and it succeeded.

In Episode 17, after Shindou passed by Orca, he Ward stepped in his front to stop him from advance through the field. Seeing this, the Raimon's midfielder summoned his Keshin, Sousha Maestro, and tried to use Keshin Armed, but failed once more. Medam then got the ball and asked Shindou if he doesn't had understand already that he can't do this. Later, when Clark Wonderbot makes the Mixi Max between Nobunaga and Shindou, he and Ward tried to steal the ball from the later, but are easily dribbled by him. He was later seen returning to El Dorado's base along with his teammates and Gamma.

France EraEdit

In Episode 18, he was chosen to be a member from Protocol Omega 3.0. Later, he and his teammates were badly beaten by Zanark Abalonic , a S-Rank criminal who had escaped from El Dorado's Eternal Prision. He was later Mixi Maxed with him, being put, in the process, under his control.

Ragnarok TournamentEdit

In Episode 39, he reappeared along with the other Protocol Omega players. He later became a member of El Dorado Team 03. Later, he was seen walking with Reiza inside El Dorado's Headquartes. Tenma asked him and Reiza if they wanted to practice but they declined.


In order to recruit Medam, you first need to beat The Lagoon. Also, you'll need to have:

  • Player: Kual
  • Player: Neira
  • Player: Fashion Club

After this, he can be scouted for an amount of 6000 Kizuna Points.


Inazuma Eleven GO Chrono StoneEdit

At Lvl. 99

  • GP: 159
  • TP: 131
  • Kick: 102
  • Dribbling: 98
  • Block: 175
  • Catch: 109
  • Technique: 133
  • Speed: 104
  • Stamina: 135
  • Lucky: 77


Inazuma Eleven GO Chrono StoneEdit

Inazuma Eleven GO Strikers 2013Edit

Mixi MaxEdit

Inazuma Eleven GO Chrono StoneEdit

Best Match Mixi MaxEdit

Game Exclusive TeamsEdit

Inazuma Eleven GO Chrono StoneEdit


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