The Time Bracelet (タイムブレスレット, Taimu Buresuretto) is a bracelet that can prevent the wearer to be stuck in a time paradox.



It first appeared in the Episode 3Tsurugi Yuuichi used it to travel through time. to go to the match of Tenmas and Protocol Omega. It was given to him by an unknown man who saved him in the past, saying that he'll help people that love soccer.

It appeared again in the Episode 7, worn by Gouenji Shuuya. He told Raimon that he knew what had happened to Endou and showed them the match against Protocol Omega 2.0. He said he was given that Time Bracelet by Helper X, which Gouenji had already heard about, as that person had financially helped the Fifth Sector before, when Gouenji was still the Holy Emperor. In return of, Fifth Sector looked for children with a huge potential, called Second Stage Children. He finished by saying Matsukaze Tenma apparently was one of them.


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