Yajima Narumi
Yajima Narumi
JP name 矢嶋成海
Dub name None
Gender Female
Position None
Number None
Element None
Team None
Seiyuu Sasaki Hinako
Game Inazuma Eleven GO Chrono Stone
Anime Episode 001
 Yajima Narumi (矢嶋成海) is Yajima Yousuke's wife.


Narumi has long dark brown hair and black eyes. She wears blue hair band and checkered apron.


She is usually nice person, but gets annoyed when her husband disappears.


She first appeared in Episode 1 as Yajima Yousuke's wife. She then appears every time when her husband gets teleported by Protocol Omega,Protocol Omega 2.0,Protocol Omega 3.0 Zanak Domain and Perfect Cascade getting angry at his disappearances.


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